WTF is JAM?!

With the proliferation of digital channels and the increasing demands from consumers for smart, compelling, targeted ads, the best marketing messages manifest increasingly as formats and creative that feel more like content than ads.

Our goal is to disrupt the future of TV and how content is viewed and consumed.  We make ads that are so good they don't feel like an ad; they feel like content, and people choose to watch them.

Alongside food, clothing and energy- media is one of the few industries that pervades into the lives of practically every consumer on the planet- delivering content ranging from news to gaming, films, TV programmes and more.  As technology has advanced, the number of channels (and types of content) has grown meaning that investors can now access everything from global hits (such as the film Avatar which grossed over $2.7billion in cinemas alone from an investment of around $300million) to niche events and productions targeting specific communities.

Entertainment and media are growing and globalizing.  Media assets which once would have only been shown or experienced in their country of origin are now global instruments, which can be exploited in markets worldwide.  Previously developing economies such as India, Latin America and Asia have also become incredible consumers (and producers) of media.   These fundamentals represent a powerful case for investors.

Global demand for premium content- powered by the rise of middle-classes in emerging markets, and advances in technology that make it easier for us as consumers to enjoy content where, when and how we want to do - all signal upside.

We’re platform agnostic.  People tend to see the market in terms of discrete sectors such as film, TV, music, video games, live and so on.  We look for investment in content you can view many different ways- and that gives us depth and diversity within our portfolio.

The demand for content is there, and it’s growing.  The digital world has become the ‘new norm’.  There are new entrants commissioning content all the time.  YouTube recently started to commission their own content for the first time.  The great thing about TV versus film is that it’s very suitable to mobile forms of consumption.

Entertainment is an experience you simply cannot pirate or replicate - and that makes it unique.

Content, content, content.

It’s that ongoing demand for content that drives the market.  Whether it’s mobile, gaming or otherwise - it falls under the same bracket.

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